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MANHAND A monstrosity of a Forklift, with safe working load of 16000 kgs, this MH 160-D is Full house, equipped with an enclosed cabin, Air-conditioner, HD camera system, six cylinder diesel engine, side-shift and 2400 mm forks, full LED lighting (road ordinence), decals and safety accessories and more.

MANHAND A mining specification unit, with safe working load of 7000 Kgs, this MH 7.0D_MS is equipped with an enclosed cabin and Air-conditioner, six cylinder Diesel engine, 2000 mm forks and Lighting (road ordinence) decals and safety accessories for Harsh mining operation

MANHAND 3.0 and 3.5 Ton capacity machines en-route to an across border client. These little lifters are equipped with a YANMAR four cylinder engine and will afford the new owners many years of operation 

Delivery of a new 7 Ton MANHAND forklift to one our valued industrial clients. This machine will be used in conjunction with a bespoke mast spike to haul polypropylene rolls of 7 meters in length and weighing 1.5 tons, the mast is able to offload and stack up to 5,5 meters in height. 


The specialized side-loader.

This MANHAND forklift Side-Loader was bought by an Iron Ore mine, to be operated and used in very confined and narrow spaces, the machine can lift 6000 kg to a height of 3.5 meters. The loading deck/platform spans also 5.4 meters across. 

A restoration worth mentioning. This MH160-D (16 ton) has been fully restored and off to continue it’s daily operation within a Coal Colliery once more. 

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